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Summative Assessment Model for an Interdisciplinary Unit of Inquiry


Ten thousand hours, 100 swings a night. Meaningful practice is the bedrock of mastering skills. Having the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and skill acquisition is part of what makes school fun.

Below is the framework for a third or fourth grade unit of inquiry on exploration. Following this framework is a GRASPS-formatted summative assessment project.

Explorer Unit Theme

Goal: Your goal is to communicate information about an explorer.

Role: You will first be a researcher. You will then be the presenter.

Audience: You will be presenting to your teachers and your classmates.

Situation: You will be the expert. Your audience will probably not know very much (or anything) about the subject of your Google Presentation. You will explain why you chose the person/topic you chose, their contributions to our understanding of their field, and the benefits others derived from their exploration.

Product/Performance and Purpose: You will create a Google Presentation incorporating relevant text, photographs, video clips and (optionally) music.

Standards & Criteria for Success: Your presentation should be about 10 slides and include the following:

  • An explanation of why you chose your person/topic.
  • Facts about what contributions your person made to his or her field.
  • Facts about obstacles and challenges faced.
  • An examination of how the exploration benefitted (or harmed) others.
  • Logically sequenced slides.
  • A simple bibliography documenting the sources for your information.